thumbnail Are 5 Hour Energy Drinks Gluten Free

Are 5 Hour Energy Drinks Gluten Free

Have you ever been in a hurry and needed something to boost your energy? Maybe, you had a late-night assignment, an all-nighter required to be had, and afterward, you needed to go to work or go to an event you couldn’t pass up. In all these scenarios, you would need to fill up your energy bar to be out and about. 

We know energy drinks and their uses but let’s introduce 5-hour energy drinks for those who want to know. 5 Hour energy drinks are practically the same as energy drinks in terms of their functions. Both give you much-needed energy in a can. 

The formulas of both include the same principles. They both have caffeine and other substances mixed up in their formula. Their primary difference is that 5-hour energy drinks come in smaller doses. However, this doesn’t change their effectiveness. Plus, they are easier to carry.

Are 5-Hour Energy Drinks Gluten-Free?

Some people may need to avoid gluten due to gluten sensitivity, celiac disease, IBS, and wheat allergy. Wheat, spelled flour, barley, and rye, are cereal grains that contain the protein known as gluten. Gliadin and glutenin are the two primary proteins found in gluten. 

The gliadin component mostly causes gluten sensitivity and other gluten-related health conditions. However, it’s not limited to bread and grains, so anything that can contain gliadin is considered not-gluten-free. 

Thus, it’s only natural that people wonder if some products contain gluten or not. The question pricks at our minds. Are 5-hour energy drinks gluten-free? To answer that question, we need to examine the ingredients list and whether or not they contain gluten. 

The Caffeine

Caffeine has many benefits, such as increasing alertness, keeping some people up, reducing the risk of a stroke, and so on. However, the amount you consume should be monitored and kept moderate since over-consuming caffeine is unhealthy and can cause dependence, insomnia, elevated blood pressure, etc. Caution aside, the caffeine in the 5-hour energy drink doesn’t contain gluten. 

The Sugar

The sugar in 5-hour drinks isn’t the sugar we know. Sucralose is derived from sugar. The sugar goes through a series of events, and the end product is sucralose. 5-hour drinks employ this substance over sugar for its flavor since it hardly has the adverse effects of sugar. And no, sucralose doesn’t contain gluten.

The Flavors

Unless it’s stated on the product that it contains wheat, since it’s a common allergen, the flavor is not considered to contain gluten. Some flavors include; berry, blue raspberry, raspberry tea, cherry, cool mint, grape, orange, peach mango, lemonade tea, pink lemonade, and pomegranate.

Also, other ingredients in the 5-hour energy drink are gluten-free, making the product gluten-free altogether. So, it is safe to consume 5 Hour drinks if your diet is a gluten-free one.


5-Hour Energy drinks can trick those who follow a gluten-free diet considering its ingredients. The flavor part can be a little confusing since you need to check if there’s any allergy alert. However, as long as it’s not explicitly on the bottle, it is safe to say that the product is gluten-free. 

We need to remind you again to handle the 5 Hour Energy drink with caution since the caffeine and other substances of the product’s excessive consumption can adversely affect your health. However, in moderate amounts, this product will help you and improve the quality of your time.

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